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Name: Stratford Shoal Light   Map it!

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Also known as: Middleground Light

Also known as: Middle Ground Light

Nearest Town or City:
Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States

Location: Long Island Sound, midway between Long Island, NY, and Connecticut.

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Photo: Jeremy D'Entremont

Managing Organization:
Korstad Marine Preservation Society

A lightship, the LV 15, was stationed at Stratford Shoal in 1838. The lightship was driven off its station several times by ice and storms. It was replaced by the lighthouse in 1877. In 2014, the lighthouse was offered up for adoption under the NHLPA. In May of 2016, under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act, ownership of the lighthouse was awarded to Korstad Marine Preservation Society.

Tower Height: 35

Height of Focal Plane: 60

Characteristic and Range: Flashing white every five seconds.

Description of Tower: Octagonal granite tower attached to keeper's dwelling.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
1877 granite keeper's quarters integral to tower.

Date Established: 1877 (12/15/1877)

Date Present Tower Built: 1874-78

Date Automated: 1970

Optics: 1877: Fourth order Fresnel lens. 1988: 300 mm; now VRB-25.

Fog Signal: 1879: 1,144-pound fog bell and Stevens striker; 1883: Second class Daboll trumpet; 1891: Third class Daboll trumpet; 1932: First class siren. Now automatic fog signal with one blast every 15 seconds.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? No.

Stratford Shoal Light is best seen by private boat, but it can be seen distantly from the Bridgeport-Point Jefferson (NY) Ferry. Call (203) 367-3043 for information. The ferry carries passengers and autos year round and there are frequent departures from both ports.

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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: William McGloin (1877-1880); William F. Pratt (first assistant 1877-1883); James G. Scott (1880-1885); John McGlauhlin (second assistant 1881); John Ninde Buckridge (second assistant, 1878-1881); Hudson Fowler (second assistant, 1881); Ezra S. Mott (second assistant 1881-1883, first assistant 1883-1885, head keeper 1885-1886); Joseph Collins (second assistant, 1883-1885, first assistant 1885-1888); Christopher Collins (second assistant, 1885-1886); John P. Hutchinson, Jr. (second assistant, 1886-1887, died on duty); Elisha E. Davis (second assistant 1887-1888, first assistant 1888, head keeper 1888-1893); Carman B. Howell (second assistant 1888); William W. Brown (second assistant 1888, first assistant 1888-1890); George W. Rowland (second assistant 1888-1889); Walter E. Burdick (second assistant 1889-1890, first assistant 1890-1892); George B. Rathbun (second assistant, 1891); George W. Terrell (second assistant, 1891-1894, first assistant 1894-1896); Julien Smith (second assistant 1892, first assistant 1892-1893); Charles E. Lyon (second assistant, 1892); Elisha B. Prentis (second assistant, 1892); Joseph D. Burke (second assistant, 1892-1893); James Brooks (second assistant, 1893); Austin W. Morris (second assistant 1893, first assistant 1893-1894); Daniel Warner (second assistant, 1893-1894); Richard E. Ray (1893-1900); Robert Ray (second assistant 1894-1896, first assistant 1896); Frank W. Lennox (second assistant 1896); Frank H. Rackett (second assistant, 1894-1897); Herman Burke (second assistant 1894-1896, first assistant 1896-1900, head keeper1900-1901); Albert H. Porter (second assistant 1898); William G. Bailey (second assistant, 1898); John Dahlman (second assistant 1898-1899); Charles W. Oliver (second assistant 1899-?); Jules Gregoire (second assistant 1900, first assistant 1900-1901); Jonathan Davies (first assistant 1901-1902); James S. Van Riper (second assistant 1901-1902, first assistant 1902); Edward J. Murray (second assistant 1900); Gustaf Clausen (second assistant 1900); George W. Beckwith (second assistant 1901); Gilbert L. Rulon (1901-?); A. E. Godfrey (second assistant 1902, first assistant, 1902-?); William B. Mead (second assistant, 1902); Albert E. King (second assistant 1902-?); Peter Meade (second assistant 1903-?); Conrad Haake (second assistant 1903-?); J. E. Taylor (second assistant, 1904); Albert P. Bryant (second assistant 1903-1904); Herbert S. Knowles (second assistant 1904, first assistant, 1904-?); Julius Koster (second assistant) (1904-1905); Nicholas Sarre (second assistant, 1905-c.1911); William Murphy (second assistant, c. 1905); Morrell Hulse (first assistant 1905-?); James B. Hawkins (second assistant, 1907-?); John Paul (assistant, c. 1911); Emil Usinger (c. 1915); J. A. Burke (additional keeper, 1921); Henry R. McCarthy (1921-?); John Tatay (assistant, c. 1930); Lewis J. Allen (c. 1931-1933); Alfred Auger (assistant c. 1933); John J. Horlacher (first assistant, ?)


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