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Name: Pointe Heath Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Baie du Renard (Fox Bay), Quebec, Canada

Location: Eastern end of Anticosti Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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Photo: Canadian Coast Guard, Quebec Region.
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Managing Organization:
Réserve écologique de la Pointe-Heath


The lighthouse no longer stands; it was replaced by a square skeleton tower in 1965. The light on the skeleton tower was automated in 1973. The light was discontinued in 2002 and the skeleton tower was removed in 2003. There is a white aerobeacon light on the 123-meter tall communications tower located at the station.

Tower Height: 129

Height of Focal Plane: 130

Characteristic and Range: White flash every 7.5 seconds; range 17 miles (1938).

Description of Tower: White, circular tower with one red band, and a red lantern. The tower was raised from 100 feet to 129 feet circa 1907-08.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1835

Date Deactivated: 1965

Current Use: Destroyed.

The site of the former lighthouse is not accessible by land.

Keepers: Barney Bradley (1835-1849); M. Roche (1849-1852); Charles Julyan (1852-1863); Zéphirin Duhamel (1863-1868); Thomas Gagné (1868-1889); J.Z. Gagné (1890-1900); A. Tremblay (1900); Georges Masson (1900); Christophe Hubert (1900); Marcel Gallienne (1953-1956); Jacques Landry (1956-1959); Yvon Element (1959-1965); Léon Element (1966-1967); Roger Poulin (1968-1970). Also (dates unknown): Christophe Hubert; Georges Masson; Narcisse Rioux.


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