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Name: Bishop and Clerks Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Hyannis (Barnstable), Massachusetts, United States

Location: North side of Nantucket Sound, approach to Hyannis Harbor.

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Bishop and Clerks Light was tilting and in bad condition, and in 1952 the Coast Guard decided to destroy the structure. Hundreds watched as the tower was dynamited on September 11, 1952. A pyramidal day beacon and buoys now mark the spot.

Tower Height: 65

Height of Focal Plane: 59

Characteristic and Range: White flash every 30 seconds.

Description of Tower: Unpainted conical granite tower with cast iron lantern.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1858

Date Deactivated: 1928

Date Automated: 1923

Optics: 1858: Fourth order Fresnel lens.

Fog Signal: Fog bell.

Current Use: Destroyed.

Keepers: John Peak (1858-1859); W. W. Baker (1859-1860); D. Taylor (1860-1861); V. (?) Harding (1861-1866); George L. Lewis (1866-1873); Charles F. Swain (1873-1886); Franklin Percival (1886-1887); George A. Smith (1890-1891); Charles Hinckley (1892-1923) Assistants: H. Crowell (1859); John Bates (1859); B. Baxter (1859); Nathan Baxter (1859-1860); William Robbins (1860-1861); Amos Crowell (1861-1871); Lawrence Chase (1867); Lovell Lewis (1867-1869); John Peak (1869); Joseph P. Bearse (1871-1883); Elisha Loring (1874-1879); William Ramsdell (1879-1880); Samuel Adams Peak, 2nd assistant (1880-1881); Joel Hamblin (1881); Marcus B. Baker (2nd assistant, 1883-1884); Franklin Percival (2nd assistant, 1884, 1st assistant 1884-1886); William A. Dixon (2nd assistant 1884-1885); Amos F. Howes (?) (2nd assistant, 1885-1886); George A. Smith (2nd assistant 1886, 1st assistant 1886-1890); Benjamin B. Baxter (2nd assistant 1886-1891, 1st assistant 1891-1896); Joseph H. Bearse (2nd assistant, 1891-1892); Charles Hinckley (2nd assistant 1881-1883, 1st assistant 1883-1884); Halvor (?) M. Jansen (1st assistant, 1892-1898); William A. Howland (1st assistant, 1898-); Winfield S. S. Hooper (2nd assistant, 1903-); Joshua A. Montcalm (2nd assistant 1903-c. 1908)


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