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Name: St. Paul Island North Point Light  

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Also known as: North Point Light

Also known as: St. Paul Island Northeast Light

Nearest Town or City:
Dingwall, Nova Scotia, Canada

Location: Northern Cape Breton Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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Photo: Courtesy of Glen Beaton

Managing Organization:
Canadian Coast Guard

The photo shows a keeper change at the lighthouse, circa 1982. J. A. Beaton is in front, and Paul Cranford is on the left.

Description of Tower: White octagonal concrete tower with red lantern.

This light is operational

Date Established: 1839

Date Present Tower Built: 1962

Optics: 1868: Third order Fresnel lens, 1869: First order Fresnel lens, 1875: Third order Fresnel lens, 1890: First order Fresnel lens.

Fog Signal: 1872: steam fog whistle, 1911: diaphone horn.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? Grounds only.

Landing on St. Paul Island is not permitted except by special permit issued by the Canadian Coast Guard.

Keepers: D. Moon (1839-45), A. MacCallum (1846), W. McKay (1850-60), L. McDonald (1864-1872), D. J. McNeil (1870-1875), S. C. Campbell (1875-1903), J. Campbell (1904-1905), J. McLeod (1913-1920), W.T. Jamieson (1920-27), P.M. McLennan (1927-37), T.T.T. Stephenson (1937-43), W.A. Martell (1943-46), N. MacNeil (1946-47), J.D. O'Neill (1947-52), J.G. Mitchell (1953-66), M.J. Tanner (1966-71), W. McSheffrey (1971-77), J.A. Beaton (1978-82), P. Cranford (1982-?)


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